My work is:

  • Inspired by the light immediately after the sun rises or before it sets
  • Built on American Abstract Expressionism of the mid-20th century
  • Borrowed from painting techniques & fabrics of 18th century Europe  
  • Modeled on the simplicity of Asian art
  • Created using the geometric patterns of traditional African cloth.

I use intense, fluid, vibrant colors to develop mixed media, sculptural paintings that extend the boundaries of the canvas. Classically layered gold leaf in abstract form bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary images. Current series includes:

  • Reflections - combines 18th century European painting technique and the simplicity of traditional  Asian art.  
  • Portraits - idiosyncratic representations  of the human form

  • Mid Century Modern - builds on the foundation of abstract expressionism with 21st century techniques and sensibilities

    AquaFlows/ Hardscapes / Silver Linings/ Silver Tints - Three-dimensional paintings are developed through a series of complex steps that build texture until a certain look, feel, and presence is achieved.

  • Confluences - A rigid, metallic, canvas is created using a unique process that incorporates paper, paint and fabrics from around the world, including:

    • European Confluences  Using European textiles, gold and silver paint and leaf, three dimensional paintings are created.

    • Asian Confluences         Inspired by Asian fabrics/ paper and images, vintage and contemporary designs emerge.

    • African Confluences      Featuring fabrics and paint reminiscent of tribal patterns, abstract images develop.